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Abandonment label


ABANDONMENT is a small independent bulgarian NET/CD-R/TAPE underground label specializing in Industrial / Noise / Ambient / Experimental music. Our goal is to promote interesting projects/artists and their own view for sound and philosophy. Our formats are on MP3 files (protected with Creative Commons License) and limited DIY CD-R/TAPE editions.


audio 169


Abandonment 54
Harsh Noise 50
Noise 17
Dark Ambient 16
Drone 13
Experimental 13
To-Bo 13
Problem Anderer Leute 12
Ambient 10
Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit 8
Industrial 7
Nihilistic Front 7
split 7
Abandonment label 5
Havoc on Fire 5
i AM esper 5
Ambient/Noise 4
DJ Kaos 4
Deadskin 4
Experimental/Noise 4
Kristus Kut 4
Power Electronics 4
Trevor Dortwall 4
Zen 2099 4
digital.rape 4
Abstract 3
Death Industrial 3
EP 3
Ezcaton 3
I.M.d.P. 3
Industrial/Experimental 3
Industrial/Power Darkwave 3
Nubiferous 3
Pushing Task 3
abandonment 3
3 way split 2
Abismo 2
Brideburger 2
Cold Space Drone Ambient 2
Dark Ambient/Drone 2
Dark Ambient/Noise 2
Dark Ambient/Noise/Experimental 2
Dogprodz 2
Drone/Ambient/Noise 2
Experimental/Harsh Noise 2
Industrial Noise 2
Japanoise 2
My Day Is Gone 2
Nebula VII 2
No More Life 2
Not Even Hope 2
Painburn 2
Planchette 2
Post-Industrial 2
Power Noise 2
RedSK 2
Ritual Noise 2
S.B.R. 2
Silence 2
SlimeSeeker 2
Springtime Tragedy 2
Willy Stamati 2
[is]CORE 2
harsh noise 2
krallar 2
33 Degrees And Rising 1
A Shadow Behind You 1
A Tribute To The Dreamer 1
A&E 1
ANTI-KonzuMonauti 1
Abstract/Experimental/Noise 1
After The Earth Collapse 1
Aikichi Kuboyama 1
Air Clock Sessions Part One 1
Alarm 1
Ambient/Drone 1
Ambient/Experimental 1
Ambient/Folk/Experimental 1
American 1
Analog Industrial 1
And The Shape Of A Cloud 1
Another Nail in Your Coffin 1
Arcastik Meat Factory 1
Archipelago 1
Artless 1
Astral Sea 1
Astral Vomit 1
Ataraxy 1
Avangarde Ambient/Industrial 1
Baader 1
Balkanische Schweine 1
Balkar Wachholz 1
Beverly Allitt 1
Black Bloc 1
Black Electronics 1
Black Folk 1
Breaking Wheel 1
Burned Church 1
Buttercup Insurgent 1
Camp Warehouse 1
Cancer Men 1
Chav Stabber 1
Cold Astral Universe 1
Consistency Nature 1
Coulee Made Flesh 1
Cult 1
Cyberfreaks 1
DJ Ninja Love Mistake 1
DJ Xenoqq 1
Dark 1
Dark Ambient/Death Industrial/Power Electronics 1
Dark Ambient/Industrial 1
Dark Atmospheric/Noise 1
Dark Drone 1
Dark Electro/Industrial/Ambient 1
Dark Frequencer 1
Dark Ritual/Experimental 1
David Berkowitz 1
Days Ov Murder 1
Death/Doom Metal 1
Decayed Society 1
Decretum Kteis XI 1
Demo 1
Dental Work 1
Der Domestizierte Mensch 1
Desktopcore/Digital Noise 1
Destruction 1
Deviant Pediatrics 1
Dichotomy Engine 1
Die Neue Hoffnung 1
Dios Incandescente 1
Doom/Drone Metal 1
Drone/Ambient 1
Drone/Noise 1
Drum 'n' Bass 1
Echoes From A Cold Planet 1
Ego Death 1
Electro 1
Electro/Industrial 1
Eleven Drops To Sink Into 1
Endsum 1
English Letter 1
Erekta 1
Experimental/Ambient/Noise 1
Experimental/Electronica 1
Experimental/Noise/Psychedelic/Noise Rock 1
Experimentalwerke 1
Explosion Of The Red Giant 1
Final End 1
Forgotten Dreamland 1
Four Elements 1
Frailties ov Human Existence 1
Funeral Direktors 1
Gewalt Radio 1
Give A Digital Hapiness 1
Global Warning 1
Globalized Resistance The Arming of Our Desires 1
Gloomy Corridors 1
Gohatto 1
Gokkun 1
Gruuthaagy 1
Haikyo 1
Halo Effect 1
Hara-Kiri 1
Hari Maia 1
Harsh Drone/Noise 1
Harsh Noise, ABANDONMENT 1
Harsh Noise/Experimental 1
Harsh/Minimalism 1
Headless Rapist 1
Hinyouki 1
History 1
Icarus Project 1
In The Red 1
In the red 1
Industrial/Ambient 1
Industrial/Electro 1
Industrial/Noise 1
Industrial/Noise/Experimental 1
Industrial/Pornoise 1
Industrial/Power Noise 1
Infected Signal 1
Inner Rooms 1
Invaders From Mars 1
Iris Traumann 1
Isolated Points 1
Date Archived
24.06.12: Hinyouki is abstract noise duo from Spain. They create a mixture of abstract and harsh noise sounds. Influenced by Merzbow, Maurizio Bianchi, MK2 or Death Squad. Haikyo is a remix work of the album : Forgotten Stories Of Dark And Cold Places from the Croatian dark ambient / noise project Xtematic. Strange mix of noise and ambient in two parts! Forgotten Stories Of Dark And Cold Places was released on Pro CD-R format in early 2012 from Abandonment!
Topics: Hinyouki, Haikyo, Xtematic, Ambient, Noise, Abandonment
Abandonment label
29.03.2009: It's a like a picture - picture full with emotions, can't be describe with must hear it/feel it...10 industrial/power darkwave acts for your grey mind! digital.rape is a solo project of Zoya Heban ( born 1990 in Poland ). She draws inspiration from everyday life, everyday pleasures and everyday suffering. Her lyrics are highly emotional, while the music is oscillating between darkwave and industrial with a little, delicate touch of noise....
Topics: digital.rape, Lost, Industrial/Power Darkwave, ABANDONMENT
21.06.08: Debut release of Nihilistic Front - Noise, History, Destruction (2008). It's a military harsh noise project from Bulgaria. The influences are war, degeneration of the society and other world's collapse!
Topics: Nihilistic Front, Noise, History, Destruction, Military, Harsh Noise, ABANDONMENT
11.01.12: Inspired by SETI, project_ozma imagines the cacophony of space as layers of earth transmissions, cosmic noise, and vibrations of unknown origin. These sounds are stretched and twisted across great distances and immense spans of time, creating a fabric of noise that travels unseen through space. project_ozma is based in the United States. "source SHGb02+14a EP" is the first release.
Topics: project_ozma, source, Ambient/Noise, Abandonment
06.03.2009: Alarm - Dogprodz (Czech Republic) / Erekta (Serbia) split - strange industrial/noise/experimental sound - must hear!
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Dogprodz, Erekta, Alarm, Industrial/Noise, ABANDONMENT
29.10.12: From the deepest depths of R'lyeh, here come the Sons of Dagon, born to establish a personal introspective of the narratives of H.P. Lovecraft with five unconventional, inhuman and not-so-musical soundscapes by Attila777, E.F. and Tommaso Busatto. Enjoy and... keep worshipping The Ancient Ones!
Topics: Sons of Dagon, A Tribute To The Dreamer, Experimental, Drone, Ambient
18.10.11: Another new return of Zoya Heban with her project digital.rape (Poland). Probably the best atmospheric album of digital.rape to now! Emotionally charged, much more rhythmic and industrial sounds! 10 pieces of pain, hope... Perfect album for the opening of the autumn!
Topics: digital.rape, Wicker, Industrial/Power Darkwave, ABANDONMENT
05.04.12: Second trip into your personal hell! New dose of darkness and noise layers from Trevor Dortwall Again, specific mixture of oppressive ambient tones, abstract voices and inhuman noises absorbed with fear and darkness!
Topics: Trevor Dortwall, Somnium, Dark Ambient/Noise/Experimental, Abandonment
04.03.12: The fourth album of digital.rape is a fact now! Polish dark princess Zoya delight us again with her specific industrial / power darkwave style in 9 compositions! This time the album sound's more slow, piano-oriented and personal. As always wonderfull composed and produced the album offers us a fourth tour in the world of digital.rape.
Topics: digital.rape, Othering, Industrial/Power Darkwave, Abandonment
05.10.08: Speed/Terrorcore/Noise split release from Bulgaria and UK! DJ Xenoqq - side project of Havoc On Fire. Here he makes speedcore/splittercore! DJ Ninja Love Mistake - another speedcore artist who made brutal speed/terrorcore!MADNESS!
Topics: DJ Xenoqq, DJ Ninja Love Mistake, Speed/Terrorcore, ABANDONMENT
28.08.12: The third journey into the darkness! The earth bleeds from his black wounds 9 tracks of dark drones, strange scratching sounds and extreme dark atmosphere...Hell is open! "Time has passed ... abyss beneath me which is increasingly opened his black mouth ... I do not know where I fall ... but it looks like an endless flight ... I do not know what happened to me ... I became more drawn into the abyss!"
Topics: My Day Is Gone, Dark Ambient, Drone, Abandonment
15.02.12: Improvised Electric Baritone Guitar & Field Recording based Drone Ambient Project from the USA. "Echoes From A Cold Planet" is the second album dedicated to the dark space. Slow and cold drone/ambient!
Topics: i AM esper, Echoes From A Cold Planet, Cold Space Drone Ambient, Abandonment
14.08.12: Serial killer dedication #8: William George Bonin (January 8, 1947 - February 23, 1996) was an American serial killer and a twice-paroled sex offender, also known as the Freeway Killer. This time we have two new additions: Raven /Serbia/ - experimental/noise project and Torba /Italy/ - harsh drone/noise act!...and of course and the usual suspects from Germany : Problem Anderer Leute and To-Bo (harsh noise)
Topics: Raven, Torba, Problem Anderer Leute, To-Bo, William Bonin, Experimental/Noise, Harsh Drone/Noise,...
26.01.12: New addition to our decayed factory - Nebula VII from Russia! 9 tracks, 55 minutes of blackened drone metal / ambient music
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Nebula VII, The Demaged Hope..., Drone/Ambient, Abandonment label
26.01.09: "Soundtracks for in between masturbation sessions" - yeah, split between Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit (Germany) and Kristus Kut (Netherlands)! Sessions for pink bunnies, perversion, black erotica, savage sex and shamanic/ritual rhythmics!
Topics: Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit, Kristus Kut, Industrial/Pornoise, Tribal/Ritual Noise, ABANDONMENT
01.03.2009: For the first day of new month we chose something "calm" for your fuckin' ears and mind - 3 way split of Nihilistic Front /Bulgaria/, Planchette and BAGMAN from UK! Harsh Noise and Power Electronics only! 54 minutes anger, hate and political incorrectness! A good friendship between England and Bulgaria!
Topics: Nihilistic Front, Planchette, BAGMAN, 3 way split, Harsh Noise, Power Electronics, ABANDONMENT
03.03.2009: Strawberry Milkshake Inc - "Sex Bloody Sex" (2009). Power electronics/harsh noise duo founded in October 2008. Six sexy power electronics trax! "Sex, Violence & Power Electronics!"
Topics: Strawberry Milkshake Inc, Sex Bloody Sex, Power Electronics/Harsh Noise, ABANDONMENT
06.07.12: Dark Frequencer is one-person experimental project from Poland. His music oscillates between dark ambient and industrial hardcore. His work focuses on deep, dark atmosphere. "Signs of Stagnation" contain eight dark ambient tracks that invite you to a world filled with loneliness and indifference; as a matter of fact, this album is a reference to the world we live in.
Topics: Dark Frequencer, Signs Of Stagnation, Ambient/Experimental, Abandonment label
21.09.08: Release from Chav Stabber - Scotland experimental/harsh noise artist! 1. 33 Degrees (30.27) A solid half hour of shifting noise, intense frequencies and a shitload of audio chaos! Performed, edited, produced & mastered by Chav Stabber, recorded @ The 23.Artwork by N01ZFUKD
Topics: Chav Stabber, 33 Degrees And Rising, Experimental/Harsh Noise, ABANDONMENT
09.07.11: New mountain dark power from Nubiferous / Russia /. "Archipegalo" is once again seven dark ambient / drone trax with strong oriented field recordings from the tops of mountains. Real sense of natural majesty and loneliness.
Topics: Nubiferous, Archipelago, Dark Ambient, ABANDONMENT
31.10.12: Astral ambient split for the cold days! Astral Sea is split release with the Russian projects Nebula VII and Memories Of The Past who creates atmospheric soundscapes dedicated to the astral skies, dark mountains and the majestic nature!
Topics: Nebula VII, Memories Of The Past, Astral Sea, Space Ambient, Drone, Nature Ambient, Abandonment
04.11.08: Release N. 030 - The croatian legend Gruuthaagy!!!!! Balkanische Schweine , 2006. Previously released as 3 CDr with different cover and art for Noise Annihilation, not available anymore. This is free net version re-release. Gruuthaagy is one man band, started at 1992. Mainly influenced by total noise acts as Atta and 7 Minutes of Nausea, but listing more that a hundred bands from Nunriders Of The Black Doom to Boney M. on his weblog. Gruuthaagy devotes much attention to artwork on his...
Topics: Gruuthaagy, Balkanische Schweine, Harsh Noise, ABANDONMENT
12.03.2009: New split of Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit (Germany) / Kristus Kut (Netherlands) and second part of the "Soundtracks for in between masturbation sessions" - "The High Heeled Slutty Edition". More evil ritual/ambient/noise sound and dark erotic perversion...
Topics: Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit, Kristus Kut, Soundtracks for inbetween masturbation sessions 2, The...
02.10.12: Serial killer dedication #10: Judias "Judy" Buenoano (April 4, 1943 - March 30, 1998), was a convicted murderer who was executed for the 1971 murder of her husband James Goodyear. She was also convicted for the 1980 murder of her son Michael Goodyear, and of the 1983 attempted murder of her fiance John Gentry. She is also acknowledged to have been responsible for the 1978 death of her boyfriend Bobby Joe Morris in Colorado. New fresh meat: Cyberfreaks /Greece/ and Hari Maia...
Topics: Cyberfreaks, Hari Maia, Problem Anderer Leute, To-Bo, Judias Buenoano, Electro, Ambient, Noise,...
17.07.08: Great bulgarian 3 way harsh noise split! Nihilistic Front take a part with [Untitled D.S.C.] - this time, no military samples, only 100% oldschool harsh noise! Gokkun is a new project, since 2007 of Martin and Nelly. For this short time, they had released some good stuff's and split's. In that split, they take a part with CRAX MINI. t,b.a. is a side minimalist project of Martin. Piece #4 and Piece #6 are true harsh/minimalism! Support them!
Topics: Nihilistic Front, Gokkun, t, b.a., 3 way split, Harsh Noise, Harsh/Minimalism, ABANDONMENT
01.06.11: 'two' is at the same time an emotional and highly conceptual collaboration between martin lukanov and mytrip. it is a minimalist walk beyond and within the boundaries of drone ambient, accompanied by a gentle and melancholic piano on the verge between isolation and loneliness.
Topics: martin lukanov, mytrip, TWO, Minimalist/Drone/Ambient, ABANDONMENT
15.01.09: Sick, twisted, demended! BAGMAN - raw power electronics project from UK! The noise partner of PLANCHETTE! 'Welcome To My Fucking Misery" include 4 trax with bondage/BDSM taste
( 1 reviews )
Topics: BAGMAN, Welcome To My Fucking Misery, Power Electronics, ABANDONMENT
30.12.11: Part three of noise splits-dedications about serial killers! Martin Bryat - Australian who has been convicted of murdering 35 people and injuring 21 others in the Port Arthur massacre, a shooting spree in Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia, in 1996. Here's the projects: Nihilistic Front (Bulgaria), Painburn (Italy), Problem Anderer Leute (Germany) and To-Bo (Germany) Let the massacre begin!
Topics: Nihilistic Front, Painburn, Problem Anderer Leute, To-Bo, Martin Bryat, Harsh Noise, Abandonment
04.02.09: A new artist in our ABANDONMENT family - Dichotomy Engine from Serbia! This is re-release promo on net format. Dichotomy Engine is project of Drazen Djordjevic from Serbia. The main idea is to explore dark electro/industrial sounds and all the possibillites to transpose the emotions through that kind of music. Also there is a slight sound of noise but in a subtle form. Promo CD and split CD with well known Serbian band Figurative Theatre both gained excellent reviews in the...
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Dichotomy Engine, Promo CD, Dark Electro/Industrial/Ambient, ABANDONMENT
24.02.11: New destructive power electronics/noise 3 way split! -Decayed Society- is gathering of three projects â WOR.M.PIG (Russia, power electronics/noise), Nihilistic Front (Bulgaria, harsh noise) and Tassilo Kaminsky (Germany, HNW)! Black-white covers, distorted vocals, walls of noise, topics for war, world pollution, diseases, degeneration of mankind! All tracks are mastered by a-m_e|k а
Topics: WOR.M.PIG, Nihilistic Front, Tassilo Kaminsky, Decayed Society, Power Electronics/Noise, Harsh...
01.04.11: Another magical release from Nubiferous /Russia/. Atmospheric and captivating deep dark ambient dedicated to the majestic mountains phenomenonâs! Seven cold masterpieces! Some themes taken from north Caucasian demonology .
Topics: Nubiferous, The Black Mountaineer, Dark Ambient, ABANDONMENT
21.06.08: Demo material from DJ Kaos (dark/industrial/drum 'n' bass) from UK!
Topics: DJ Kaos, Demo, Industrial, Dark, Drum 'n' Bass, ABANDONMENT
06.03.2009: In that release Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit (Germany) take a part with more strong, more military and rhythmic noise - "Nehmt Ihnen Alles" HROSSHARSGRANI is militant Austrian project - mix with martial/industrial/noise/ambient and history themes! S.P.Q.R. is dedicated to the great Rome - their culture, their pride and soldiers! Thanx to Alex for the great artwork - beautiful militant red dvd-box style cover!
Topics: Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit, HROSSHARSGRANI, S.P.Q.R., Military/Noise, Nordic Rune...
23.11.08: Starvation Ritual - Ultimate Headfuck - 36 minutes, spread over 5 tracks. Very fuzzy, sloppy kind of doom metal, inspired a bit by Skullflower and Black Sabbath. The guitars are slow and abrasive, and the drums are oppressive and pounding. Recorded in November 2008. Starvation Ritual was formed in late 2007, out of the ashes of previous noiserock/ doom project Gimp. Starvation Ritual is the sole project of Royce Icon, from Columbus, Ohio, USA. So far they have released one other...
Topics: Starvation Ritual, Ultimate Headfuck, Doom/Drone Metal, ABANDONMENT
06.01.09: Arcastik Meat Factory is a dark ambient/power electronics/noise project from the deepest caves in Europe. Inspired by artists like Lustmord, Brighter Death Now, Anenzephalia and Atrium Carceri, AMF creates droning sometimes noisy soundscapes. Include 3 untitled dark ambient/death industrial trax! You must hear these claustrophobic soundscapes!
Topics: Arcastik Meat Factory, After The Earth Collapse, Dark Ambient/Death Industrial/Power Electronics,...
14.08.12: The big return of the Canadian industrial/experimental project - Deadskin! After several years of silence, Justin Lefebvre brings us his new sonic attack! With quite a different sound, but still rhythmic and punching! Of course, DJ Kaos /UK/ mix the sound with his crushing harsh noise in this split!
Topics: Deadskin, DJ Kaos, The Return, Power Noise, Experimental, Industrial, Harsh Noise, Abandonment
04.02.09: The new great noisy split of Phalanx Feat. The White Rabbit /Germany/ with the italian noise holocaust madness - Ezcaton. More than 20 minutes experimental/noise sound, japanese aesthetics, blood and of course Hara-kiri!
Topics: Ezcaton, Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit, Hara-Kiri, Industrial/Noise/Experimental, ABANDONMENT
22.01.09: One mini release of our neighbours from Greece - Twilight! Here's some words about them: Twilight started in Greece,in 2008 (many of the songs were written in 2006 and 2007) as a project of ambient music but with a lot of folk,experimental and progressive elements. The influences are 70s prog rock and bands such as Camel,Eloy etc, folk music like Greek,Irish and Loreena Mckennit,the ambient-minimalistic work of Burzum, Vinterriket and other good,melodic and experimental stuff. A big...
Topics: Twilight, Mini CD, Ambient/Folk/Experimental, ABANDONMENT
Abandonment label
28.08.12: Meho is the personal project of Meho Grbic located between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sweden. Meho creates brilliant dark ambient/drone soundscapes inspired by the isolation of the abandoned villages and dark places. This self-titled album will bring you into the world of desolation and loneliness!
Topics: Meho, Dark Ambient, Abandonment
06.01.09: Planchette - You Invited Me (2008). Sick power electronics/noise project from UK! Mostly the influences are projects like Throbbing Gristle, Whitehouse, Sutcliffe Jugend, Consumer Electronics... 'You Invited Me' include 6 power electronics/noise/black ambient trax + one bonus video! Thanx to Keith Mitchell for the support!
Topics: Planchette, You Invited Me, Power Electronics/Noise/Black Ambient, ABANDONMENT
14.12.11: After 3 years I.M.d.P. return to our lines with a brand new release! 15 tracks in 24 minutes! Short and Loud! Italian harsh noise dementia since 1998
Topics: I.M.d.P., La prostituzione al tempo del concilio di trento, Harsh Noise, ABANDONMENT
14.09.12: Serial killer dedication #9: Jerome Henry "Jerry" Brudos (January 31, 1939 â March 28, 2006) was an American serial killer and necrophiliac, also known as "The Lust Killer" and "The Shoe Fetish Slayer". Stirner /Netherlands/ returns with collaboration track with Sue 69 and creates interesting mix of power electronics/noise/harsh drone. To-Bo and Problem Anderer Leute /Germany/ brings again their hard harsh noise sound... and for the desert: Painburn...
Topics: Stirner + Sue 69, To-Bo, Problem Anderer Leute, Painburn, Power Electronics, Harsh Noise,...
02.10.12: For our 150-th net release we presents you: Cold Astral Universe - Space dark ambient/drone 3-way split between Saturn Form Essence /Ukraine/ , Müldeponie /France/ and i AM esper /USA/. The three projects creates dark atmospheric sounds dedicated to the eternal gloom cold space!
Topics: Saturn Form Essence, Müldeponie, i AM esper, Cold Astral Universe, Space Drone Ambient, Dark...
09.11.08: Minimal ambient/drone release! Zieltogend is a dark ambient/drone project from the Netherlands and prides itself in creating very minimal soundscapes. His identity remains obscured. For this release, he has remixed a track (Dood, released on Okkulth Records) by fellow countryman Norss. Zieltogend equals emptiness. Zieltogend is [empty].
Topics: Zieltogend, Levenloos, Dark Ambient/Drone, ABANDONMENT
11.11.10: We proudly presets you Nubiferous : one man dark ambient project from North Caucasus! Stipa Anomala include more than one hour dark soundscapes, field nature recordings and deep drone sounds!
Topics: Nubiferous, Stipa Anomala, Dark Ambient, ABANDONMENT
06.10.08: Finaly that split is out now! Havoc on Fire take a part with new track : Steh Auf Deustchland! Nihilistic Front with Weltkrieg#2[D.F.A.] - brand new material from that project! Militant cold harsh noise for mass destruction!
Topics: Havoc on Fire, Nihilistic Front, split, Harsh Noise, ABANDONMENT
29.07.08: Neofolk release! Lua Nigra is a brazilian neofolk project of Anon. Re-release on net format!
Topics: Lua Nigra, Neofolk, ABANDONMENT
15.02.12: i AM esper is improvised mostly guitar-based drone ambient project from the USA with influences ranging from black metal, doom metal, noise and post rock. "Explosion Of The Red Giant" is 15 minutes of claustrophobic drone ambient journey into the endlessness cold space!
Topics: i AM esper, Explosion Of The Red Giant, Cold Space Drone Ambient, Abandonment
20.01.09: Ritual, Mystical, Exorcism - split between GAAD (Montenegro) and Kristus Kut (Netherlands)! Two new experimental/harsh noise trax from GAAD and 3 pagan ritual noise pieces from Kristus Kut. Can you feel it? Can you hear it? Death is only the begining!
Topics: GAAD, Kristus Kut, split, Harsh Noise, Ritual Noise, ABANDONMENT
27.02.2009: It was a time, time for a compilation dedicated about the four elements - water, fire, air and earth! 4 elements, 4 international projects - Kristus Kut /Netherlands/, Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit /Germany/, Ezcaton /Italy/ and Nihilistic Front /Bulgaria/. Each project take a part with one conceptual track for one element. All this in great dvd-box style artwork! Kristus Kut - Water Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit - Fire Ezcaton - Air Nihilistic Front - Earth Thank you to Sven from...
Topics: Four Elements, Kristus Kut, Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit, Ezcaton, Nihilistic Front, Ritual...
20.04.12: Balkar Wachholz the alter ego of Angel S Cervera, born in Barcelona in 1978, now based in Berlin /Germany/ , a multi-instrumentalist and composer. Since 1993 Balkar creates styles range from industrial-noise to contemporary classic, drone and ambient. "Mandros" is 30 minutes of strange tones, noises and very dark atmosphere!
Topics: Balkar Wachholz, Mandros, Experimental, Drone, Noise, Abandonment
26.07.12: Thee Psionic Assembly is brilliant new dark ambient / death industrial addition to our decayed factory! The project is based in the USA by Demitri Allaxul caring for anything to create a oppressive sounds - from deep ambience to strong ritual noises! Frailties ov Human Existence contains 5 tracks creates an hour into dark depths where people are just fading memories!
Topics: Thee Psionic Assembly, Frailties ov Human Existence, Dark Ambient, Death Industrial, Abandonment
01.07.08: We want proudly to present the EP of Springtime Tragedy (dark ambient) from Italy! 3 songs with dark emotions and deep sad melodies... Enjoy the darkness!
Topics: Springtime Tragedy, Sadness, Real, Dark Ambient, ABANDONMENT
04.02.09: Two forgotten bulgarian noise units - SlimeSeeker and Gohatto... and this is their ABOMINABLE HEAD split from Fak yer records, now re-released from ABANDONMENT! SlimeSeeker - Desparate and Devastating noise from the depths of Europe. SlimeSeeker reflects the social misery of the surrounding life in Bulgaria. Tracks, inspired by horrific events, spawned by evil concepts, such as religion, culture, and government. Part of the ABOMINABLE HEAD split album with Gohatto. Gohatto - 28 minute...
Topics: ABOMINABLE HEAD, SlimeSeeker, Gohatto, Sexploitation, ABANDONMENT
04.02.09: "Make sence not dollars" - yes, this is the slogun of the new release from Black Bloc /USA/ ! "Globalized Resistance The Arming of Our Desires" is a brand new material include 5 power electronics / industrial/noise trax with strong political message and 13 conceptional images and info! "Black Bloc is a non profit entity. It was started as a form of creative direct action to subvert what is and isn't music, art, etc. The name was taken from the tactic one sees...
Topics: Black Bloc, Globalized Resistance The Arming of Our Desires, Power Electronics, ABANDONMENT
14.01.09: "The Dark Wave" is the first album of In The Red. It was recorded in 2004. The musical style of the songs varies between gothic rock, darkwave and punk.
Topics: In The Red, The dark wave, Darkwave, ABANDONMENT
Abandonment label
23.07.08: Second dark ambient release! ATER from Andorra presents 4 songs of darkness for your mind and soul!
Topics: ATER, EP, Dark Ambient, ABANDONMENT
25.02.12: Trevor Dortwall is experimental music project from Poland since 2010. "SpaceMount" is mix of music between 2010, 2011 and 2012. Itâs a cocktail of dark ambient/noise/drone and experimental! Oppressive schizophrenic atmosphere....
Topics: Trevor Dortwall, SpaceMount, Dark Ambient/Noise/Experimental, Abandonment
14.02.13: First NET release for this year! After almost one year Thee Psionic Assembly (USA) return to us with second part of darkness! 9 pieces of death industrial passages covered with apocalyptic dark ambient. This release is a sequel of sorts to the release "Frailties Ov Human Existence" - this is just further explorations on the subject of abuse.
Topics: The Psionic Assembly, Supernihilist Dysphoria, Death Industrial, Dark Ambient, Abandonment
31.03.12: Our rusty decayed factory presents : Ego Death - the cult experimental/noise/ambient one-man-project from Athens, Greece. From 2006 until now he has been involved in many compilation and has a lot of splits with projects such as Novasak, SKLO, Napalmed, [C.T.D.] and many others ... Here he presents a compilation of his best material + some unreleased stuff. Pure experimental/ambient/noise!
Topics: Ego Death, Parts Of The Brain Involved In Fear Response, Experimental/Ambient/Noise, Abandonment
30.11.08: The new material from [is]CORE! Gloomy Corridors is more dark, more post-apocalyptic and claustrophobic! Include 5 new dark ambient/drone/noise trax!
Topics: [is]CORE, Gloomy Corridors, Dark Ambient/Noise, ABANDONMENT
18.04.12: With great joy we announce you that one of the first projects taking a part in our label is back with a brand new net album! After 5 years Zen 2099 /USA/ once again test our senses with his post-industrial/dark ambient abstract sound. For fans of distant minimal drone explorations and and sadness, love and pain.
Topics: Zen 2099, The Life We Once Had, Post-Industrial, Dark Ambient, Experimental, Abandonment
01.08.08: Norss - Verdoemd, Verlaten, Stervend (2008) ! Norss is a experimental dark drone project from The Netherlands. This release is very minimalistic and slow! 73 minutes excellent dark ambient/drone!
Topics: Norss, Verdoemd, Verlaten, Stervend, Ambient/Drone, ABANDONMENT
30.12.11: Italian taste of industrial noise - Decretum Kteis XI and L.C.B. split! Decretum Kteis XI have not a particular history. Decretum Kteis XI is nothing. Amphetamine black noise and harsh industrial negativism. 16 minutes of pure black electronics! Le Cose Bianche (L.C.B.) was born in the first months of 2009 in Arezzo, after some free Live-Electronics sessions. Son and heir of former music experiences in the ambient-industrial sphere, Le Cose Bianche has a one and unique figure as...
Topics: Decretum Kteis XI, L.C.B., Black Electronics, Industrial, Abandonment
22.12.11: Second split-dedication about serial killers! This time on focus is Beverly Allitt - English serial killer who was convicted of murdering four children. Four projects - Dental Work (USA), To-Bo (Germany), RedSK (USA), Problem Anderer Leute (Germany).
Topics: Dental Work, To-Bo, RedSK, Problem Anderer Leute, Beverly Allitt, Harsh Noise, ABANDONMENT
03.04.13: Moonsugar come from the cold lands of Russia since 1999 by Gennady Vladimirov. L`Inverse presents 9 cold drone/ambient pieces separated in two parts. More than 113 minutes of dronescapes for humans who want stop and drown to their darkest depths of minds.
Topics: Moonsugar, L'Inverse, Drone, Ambient, Abandonment
17.01.09: Opium Solution / Kingdom Silence - unreleased split of two bulgarian ambient projects! The trax for the split are from 2006, but never released until this year. Now available on ABANDONMENT ! Unfortunately the both projects are not active anymore... Opium Solution take a part with 5 beautiful avangarde ambient trax with industrial spice and female vocals! Kingdom Silence are include with only one track - 18 minutes ambient soundscape! Soon expect CD-R version of the release!!!...
Topics: Opium Solution, Kingdom Silence, Avangarde Ambient/Industrial, Dark Ambient, ABANDONMENT
10.02.12: Serial killer dedication # 6 : Theodore Robert "Ted" Bundy - November 24, 1946 â January 24, 1989) was an American serial killer, rapist, kidnapper, and necrophile who assaulted and murdered numerous young women during the 1970s, and possibly earlier. After more than a decade of denials, he confessed shortly before his execution to 30 homicides committed in seven states between 1974 and 1978; the true total remains unknown, and could be much higher. The dedicators : To-Bo...
Topics: To-Bo, Ataraxy, Problem Anderer Leute, Wormhead, Ted Bundy, Harsh Noise, Abandonment
08.09.08: ARABIAN VULVA is a side project of our friend from Havoc On Fire. In this mini album includes 2 untitled strong and chaotic noise trax!
Topics: ARABIAN VULVA, Untitled, Harsh Noise, ABANDONMENT
19.04.2009: New fresh blood - Headless Rapist (USA) - "Deviant Pediatrics" - 5 provocative harsh noise pieces of degeneration. Artwork by Inhibition
Topics: Headless Rapist, Deviant Pediatrics, Harsh Noise, ABANDONMENT
14.08.12: Harsh Noise/HNW act based in the USA. Combined analogue and digital noise sound with destructive noise walls! Kevin Brodenheimer is not Kevin Brodenheimer!
Topics: Kevin Brodenheimer, Harsh Noise, HNW, Abandonment
07.12.12: Serial killer dedication #12: Charles Ray Hatcher (July 16, 1929 - December 7, 1984), was an American serial killer who confessed to murdering 16 people between 1969 and 1982. We have new additions: Objectum Sexual /United Kingdom/ and Rafael Gonzalez /Spain/ And our leaders on serial killers splits: To-Bo and Problem Anderer Leute /Germany/
Topics: Objectum Sexual, Problem Anderer Leute, To-Bo, Rafael Gonzalez, HNW, Harsh Noise, Noise, Abandonment
02.02.2010: The return of Zen 2099 (USA) with new dark and horror material - The Sleep Of Reason! Industrial by aesthetic, experimental on the approach and minimalist on the execution, a very deep intimate love for the eerie, dark and textural qualities that the sound can deliver... A fascination with the cinema of horror, Sci fi and the bizarre. Those are the elements that inspire the creation of these pieces, soundscapes of love, pain, solitude, seclusion, melancholy...Indeed a personal...
Topics: Zen 2099, The Sleep Of Reason, Dark Ambient/Industrial, ABANDONMENT
15.02.12: Ukrainian dark ambient/drone project started in 2011! 6 tracks is a solid walls of the old world - the fear, pressure, pain and confusion... and you know that tomorrow never comes! Experimental atmosphere in the genre of dark ambient, drone ambient, low noise and industrial influence! Shake dormant subconscious mind! Last push and ... Is the FINAL END of that who you are... Hear the FINAL END and understand that MY DAY IS GONE!!!
Topics: My Day Is Come, Final End, Dark Ambient/Drone, Abandonment
02.10.12: Next second pack of Deadskin /Canada/ and DJ Kaos /UK/! Most extreme release from both project! Industrial/power noise/experimental vs chaotic harsh noise! Uploading New System includes 13 tracks from both projects!
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Topics: Deadskin, DJ Kaos, Uploading New System, Industrial, Power Noise, Experimental, Harsh Noise,...